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I am a Thurston County Real Estate Agent that specializes in helping people buy and sell vacant land and development property.  I have been a builder and land developer in the area for 20 years.  This has given me a lot of experiences and knowledge about the process of buying and selling land.  This is a very specialized type of Real Estate transaction, which is why you should use a specialized Agent.  There are a lot of considerations and possible hazards that can arise when buying or selling land.  It is easy to make mistakes.  I can help you I can help you avoid these mistakes because I have already made most of them.  There are a lot of problems that tend to arise.  With today's increasing regulatory environment, there are a lot more issues to address concerning property purchases.  Wetlands, steep slopes, wildlife, zoning changes, environmental hazards, etc.; any of these can result in expensive mistakes.  I have experience in these areas and I have a list of specialized consults that can help you avoid these mistakes.


Buying a Home Site

Thurston County Real Estate Being a Thurston County home builder has also given me the experience to help buyers evaluate home building sites.  There are a number of things to consider when looking for a piece of property to build your home.  Things like septic design, water source, utilities costs, permitting etc. can all seem overwhelming.  I can help you with this process.  I have worked with most of the building departments in the area, and I have a good understanding of their permitting procedures.  This is the type of insight a lot of other Real Estate agents don't have.

Evaluating Devleopment Property

Being a local real estate developer,  I  am uniquely qualified to help other developers evaluateThurston County Property and buy property in Thurston County.  I know a lot of the special quirks of the various local jurisdictions.  I have also worked with many of the local Engineers, Architects and Consultants.  So I know who is best at what and can line you up with the right firm to help you get the job done.  The type of help I can offer you can be invaluable in the due diligence process.

Selling Real Estae in Thurston County

This all goes both ways.  The same knowledge and skills that I have which allow me to help buy Thurston County Real Estate also allow me to help you sell real estate.  With all of the potential problems involved in selling land,  the most important part is to anticipate these problems and deal with them early.  Identifying and eliminating problems with your problems will add value to it.  This will allow you to get a better price and make it sell faster.  The more issues a potential buyer has to deal with, the less he is likely to offer for the property and the messier the real estate transaction is going to be.  My goal is to eliminate the issues and reduce the mess early.  This will make your sale go a lot smoother.

Real Estate Articles

Staging Your Land

            The latest fade in Real Estate sales is “staging your home”.  This is a fancy way of saying “getting it ready to sell”.  It consists of getting rid of all the junk and doing a little decorating to make it look appealing.  There are a lot of classes being taught right now, showing Real Estate agents how to make a house seem larger and more marketable by painting an accent wall a certain color or by the strategic placement of an ottoman.  I don’t know a whole lot about this stuff.  It is all alchemy to me, but it must work because everyone is doing it. 

What I do know about is staging your land for sale.  What I mean by this is doing a few things that can make it sell faster and for a higher price.   If you would like to read more


Land Acquisition Financing

            With the current situation in the banking industry, financing has become a paramount concern in any land project.  Banks have tightened up in all Real Estate lending.  This is particularly so in the purchasing and development of property.  There are still a lot of government lending programs that apply to the purchase of homes, but almost none that can be used for the purchase of land.  As a result land purchases are going to have a higher bar to cross in order to get financing.  You are going to need a bigger down payment, better credit and a higher level of feasibility than you would have needed a couple of years ago.  On the plus side Real Estate values, and land values in particular, have come back down to reasonable levels so that helps to make projects more financially feasible.

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Featured Real Estate Listing

    This is a new 5 lot Five acre subdivision.  These properties are nicely treed and some of them have spectacular views.  The power and phone are to the lots, and they are ready to build.  Thiis site has some excellent building sIt is a great time to buy Real Estate.  Call me at 360-507-3068 or E-mail at Jkobza@reachone.com and I can show you these great properties.