How to Make Your Home Buying Experience Easier

Buying a new home or other type of real estate for the first time can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Pour over this information, including the many tips, to help you understand the process and what to watch out for when making your real estate purchase, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

To make sure you buy a safe house, pay close attention to the walls on the inside and the outside. Look for any cracks or signs of dampness. This could indicate that the house is built on foundations that cannot support it or on a wet ground. If this is the case, you will need to pay for major repairs.

As a prospective home buyer, you should consider the location of the kitchen in the house. It is desirable for the kitchen to have direct access to the backyard, so you can easily prepare for garden functions or barbecues. It is also reasonable to demand a location adjacent to the garage, since most of the groceries are carried from the family vehicle to the kitchen.

When trying to buy a house remember that the color of a roof can mean just as much as the sturdiness of it. If the house you want to buy is in a cold climate, then a darker roof will hold in heat better. A lighter roof reflects heat and is ideal in warmer climates.

The best way to find a real estate agent to help you buy a house is to ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations. You want an agent who has happy clients. If your friends are pleased with the services of an agent, it is a good indication that he will provide good services to you as well.

When you place an offer on a house you are proposing to buy, you need to include a date when the closing will take place on the offer. This is important so both you and the seller can plan for moving, and the seller can assure he has somewhere to move when the house is put into your possession.

As a new investor, your goal should be to minimize risk. This is much more important than generating cash. One way to minimize risk is to work with someone who is familiar with the real estate market in your area. This will help you determine whether or not the property that you are considering purchasing would make a good investment, or whether or not the time is right to buy.

When looking at homes to buy, you should always set your basic needs down. Only look for homes that meet your needs. If you know that you need three bedrooms, you should avoid looking at homes that have less rooms, or homes that have too many rooms. You may see the many rooms in a home and have big plans for them, but realistically, they are unnecessary or better ask for contractors like for a better decision making regarding your home improvement plans.

If you use your resources and get yourself a good property, you can definitely profit from it. Whether it’s a new house for you or something you’re going to sell after fixing it up for profit, knowing when and where to buy property is a very beneficial thing to know. Lastly, you should also avail the services of a financial adviser to ease the spending flow of your money and you can find one from a trusted business partner in

Owning a home in Clayton

So are you ready for home ownership?  Are you ready to NOT own your own home – and keep paying someone else’s mortgage?  There’s pluses and minuses both ways and we’ll hit them here.  It helps when you have first hand experience – and we have just purchased a home in Clayton NC. Actually to be specific, we purchased a home just OUTSIDE of the town. We are just coming up on the end of our first year and have a LOT of insights for anyone looking to buy a home – or on the fence about it.

Paying someone else’s mortgage?

When one is renting a house – or apartment, they write out a monthly rent check usually as much or maybe more from the amount they might be paying for their own mortgage. Paying for someone ELSE to own a property month after month, year after year can feel very defeating. We know from experience.  In a LOT of cases, though, owning your own home is possible for a lot of people. Aside from all the hoopla that is being read and heard in the news about how hard it is to get a home loan, money IS being lent, houses ARE being bought and new homeowners are popping up daily! It is happening.

Making the decision to buy

We just recently bought our own home. After years of renting at 1000/mo – 5 years of renting, I decided that we needed to start looking at buying a house. Just the girlfriend and I and a few animals. We had been living in Raleigh NC – in name only as the little spit of land is dead square between Clayton NC and Knightdale.  She had a lot of thoughts about moving to the Raleigh proper area. Since I work out of the house, it really was immaterial to me. The house DID need to have an area that could be used for an office – or could be turned INTO an office. For HER though, she owns a hair salon in downtown Clayton and being able to get back and forth to work was a big consideration for her. We all hope gas prices will stay down but we can’t count on it forever. So the closer to town, the better.

Since it is just the two of us, and a few animals, we didn’t have huge needs – though we did end up with about a 2400 sf house in the end LOL. We were looking for something safe for the animals – no major road where cars would be whizzing by at 55 mph – or faster. Enough land where we could actually have a little room to do something. Our rental property in the Raleigh area had only a small backyard – and it was usually about a swamp – pretty much unusable. The front yard, while it DID have a cute little stream, was nothing but leaves and bare dirt. It’s not as bad as it may sound. It was cute and rustic looking, but it wasn’t someplace where you could invite the family for a big cookout.  My girlfriend, Kristty, HAS a large family – and she likes cookouts.

So, with those few things in mind, we went looking for a home that would fit the bill. It likely would not be in town per se. We both know from experience that the local electrical cooperative in Clayton can be considerably more expensive than the local Progress Duke electrical service. Additionally, outside of town, there will be no ongoing water/sewer costs. However, when there is no water/sewer, then you have well/septic tank. We’ll hit that shortly – or maybe in a second post.

Do you want an agent?

An agent who IS familiar with the town/areas that you are interested in can be a huge time saver – and make the value of the home that much better. Trying to find properties that are perhaps undervalued or have additional benefits that just don’t show up on a standard MLS sheet are why your agent will be so handy. Knowing that a particular area is going to be a good fit for your needs/personality – big boon.  For example, a young family moving into the middle of a neighborhood full of retired people may NOT be the best thing. Or an older established quiet couple looking at homes – next to local fraternity houses.  Realtors can help you knock the chaff off the wheat and get to the good stuff more quickly.

Since we are both very familiar with the town, we didn’t have a huge need for an agent to “show us around”, but having a good realtor on your side can make all the difference in the world. In our area, I can suggest Clayton real estate agent Teresa Byrd. I’ve know Teresa for years now and she is the kind of agent you dream of. Caring and has a slightly motherish/grandmotherly feel to her – depending on your age LOL.

This is actually getting long – I’ll put up another post to finish this. Sorry for the long-windedness, but I’m nothing if not complete! Check back for part 2!

North Carolina Real Estate – Mountains, Coast and Tobacco Road

North Carolina Property– Mountains, Coast and Tobacco Road

North Carolina has much to supply and is flourishing. North Carolina realty is on the move too.

North Carolina

North Carolina is a state with a range of designs. Head to the mountains and also you’ll locate a slower, gentler rate of life in stunning landscapes. Supplying over 15 percent of all the Xmas trees in the USA, the mountains teem with pines, winding roads, little communities and a hot bed for outside activities such as fishing, treking and also camping. Head down right into the levels and also you’re in the cigarette heart of the nation, and also a hot bed of universities with Battle each other, the College of North Carolina as well as North Carolina State so carefully positioned that rivalries are red hot. On the shore, you’ll find stunning coastline areas with little communities and also rollicking fun. Places in North Carolina regularly show up in top ten rankings for best areas to stay in the nation and haul junk services in NC is not a major problem for there are lot of companies offering the service.


Charlotte has actually exploded over the last ten years as well as is now the biggest city in North Carolina. The explosion has taken place via careful planning by city leaders, who aimed to make the city a financial center in the south. Although the communities consist of intriguing little stores and areas, the city all at once lacks the southern beauty discovered elsewhere. If you wish to reside in a modern southerly city, Charlotte is an excellent location. Some, however, whine the substantial advancement has actually burglarized the city of its heart.


The Raleigh-Durham location of North Carolina is a hot bed of college life. Battle each other College and also the University of North Carolina can be located within easy reach of each various other. Allow the competitions start. If you’re a college basketball follower, this area matches the competition in between Lexington as well as Louisville in Kentucky.

Raleigh is the capitol of the state and also a good little city. Visiting the city is more regarding absorbing the way of living versus seeing anything in particular. Strolling throughout the location will certainly feel a little bit like discovering Charlotte, but with the spirit of the place still in tact. With the surrounding colleges, the Raleigh-Durham area has that unique, eclectic college ambience you generally locate with institutes of higher education.

North Carolina Property

North Carolina property is rather reasonably valued. In Charlotte, a single-family house will run you in the $200,000 location with a lot of housing readily available. If you favor the Raleigh-Durham area, you can anticipate a slight rise in typical home costs of perhaps $20,000.

Admiration prices in North Carolina are small to claim the least. Regardless of the financial boom in Charlotte, overbuilding has actually lead to lots of supply. In 2005, real estate in the building appreciated at a rate of roughly six percent.