Bathtub Repair Raleigh

The predominant bathtub styles have changed quite a bit over the years. They’ve gone from everything from bright colors to dark earthen tones to the brightest whites you can imagine. In the past you were pretty much stuck with what you had, you maybe could have painted over it but if you actually used your tub at all, that wouldn’t last very long before it started to ware away. Luckily, modern day technology has given us the amazing technology/process that we refer to as refinishing. Refinishing is completely different than painting, rather than simply covering up it works to bond directly to the surface of your tub and create a tight bong that’s extremely hard to break. It’s the only way to go, by far the best option out there.

Bathroom Repair Professionals

To reglaze a bathtub, professionals typically use acrylic, polyurethane or urethane products, while do-it-yourself kits typically consist of paints or epoxies. Right from the start the difference in material quality is drastic, acrylics and urethane products are far superior to any paint or epoxy. These are not as toxic as professional materials, but they’re also not as durable and the finish deteriorates rapidly. Many DIY kits begin peeling within the first year, while professional bathtub reglazing lasts much longer, upwards of 10 years with the proper care. It’s important that you have proper ventilation and protection anytime you’re working in an enclosed space with things like this. Professionals know the process in and out, they’ll get proper ventilation set up before work even begins. They know the small things to look out for that you may not. Something as simple as one spot of imperfection can cause the whole refinishing job to go down the drain within just a few months or years.

When you’re looking at refinishing your bathtub, you first need to have the old glaze stripped off so you’re starting from the base again. A professional is typically going to use something quite harsh like hydrofluoric acid to do this, it’s important that if you are stripping the tub you get it completely cleared up. They then want to rinse all of that away and do some sanding. They don’t want it completely smooth, but they want a lot of small imperfections for the refinishing coat to grab on to. If you’re refinishing on a completely smooth surface, it’s not going to have anything to grab onto and will thus be more prone to falling apart. Next, all crack, chips, burns etc. need to be repaired and filled in completely. Professional refinishers typically apply two coats of fast-drying epoxy to ensure the finish coat adheres properly, and finish the process with a polyurethane topcoat to act as a final seal and layer of protection on top of it all. Instead of painting with brushes or rollers, a professional will probably paint with a spray gun, this just offers a smoothest and cleanest coat possible, avoids all brush marks and imperfections. You’ll get that nice glossy clean appearance that everyone loves and wants for their tubs.

Bathtub Repair Experts

Now that your tub has been refinished, it is NOT automatically indestructible. It will require cleaning and care to maintain it and prevent any further scratching, discoloration, or damage. You should never use abrasive cleaners or tools like steel wool, bleach, rough brushes, or anything else that could cause abrasions on the surface anywhere. You need to always ensure that you’re using things like bleach-free cleaners, washcloths, and just things that aren’t going to be abrasive on the surface of the tub. You don’t have to, but we suggest you avoid using bath mats with suction cups, as they can tear up your coating. You can re-coat with a urethane polish every six months or so to keep it preserved as long as possible. As long as you are careful, your refinished tub should last you at least 10-15 years, that’s a fantastic return on your initial investment!

Bathtub refinishing is one of the simplest and affordable things you can do in your home, and it can also greatly increase the value! Get your bath tub re-done today with a bath tub repair in Raleigh! It can be done in less than a day and last you for up to 15 years after that with the proper care. Don’t settle any longer with that ugly tub that you don’t even want to use, get the bathtub you’ve always wanted and will actually feel confident using!