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Flooring in Raleigh NC

You should upgrade your Raleigh home’s flooring before it becomes worn out or unappealing. Don’t let your home’s value be hindered by ugly flooring! Fresh, new floors are just a phone call away. Your Raleigh home deserves the beauty of shiny hardwood or plush carpet. Enhance your whole home with brand new floors! You will love the look and feel a new floor can do for your entire home atmosphere!

Carpet Flooring

Carpet adds such a warm and comfortable touch to your home. Every bedroom will feel much cozier with your choice of carpeting texture on the floor. Carpet comes in many colors and is pretty affordable! It also comes in different thickness options and textures. Whether you choose a rougher, tighter carpet, or a shaggier, fluffy carpet, you will love any of them. Carpet does require more cleaning to keep it clean. For a thin carpet, you may not have any issues just using a cordless or handheld vacuum to clean up small messes. For a thicker carpet you will need a heavy-duty vacuum. You will also need cleaners for spills, as you will not be able to quickly sop them up without a decent cleaner. Many people like to use homemade carpet cleaners to save money and use less chemicals.

Hardwood Flooring

We love the look and versatility of hardwood floors in many rooms of the home. It shimmers in the light and adds class to any room. Hardwood looks exceptional in dining rooms, hallways and living rooms. In your living room, you may want to add a plush rug over the center of the room. You’ll love the look of the shiny hardwood matched with a dense rug to add a bit of comfort to the space.

Hardwood is very easy to keep clean! Aside from potential wear as years go on, you will find yourself loving your hardwood for a long time! You will want to purchase wood cleaner to have on hand, and maybe a mop or floor duster!

Raleigh NC Flooring

You can easily replace your Raleigh, NC home’s flooring with the help of Burch Brothers Flooring. You’ll love the amount of great options you’ll find when working with Raleigh flooring company. No matter what style of flooring you are looking to upgrade in your home, you’ll find the right option for your house!